NeoNS is now live, allowing users to create a digital identity in the form of an NFT-based domain name. NeoNS is the first name service provider for the Neo N3 network and launched on Wednesday, Sep. 28. In the announcement, Neo Global Development said:

Neo is making navigating Web3 more user-friendly and intuitive. Neo believes that such user-friendly organization of blockchain information is a milestone for blockchain UX entering the realm of ‘the familiar’ and onboarding the next generation of mainstream web3 users.

NeoNS is a distributed open naming system built on the Neo blockchain. It is designed to map machine-readable identifiers (i.e. N3 addresses, NeoFS shared links, other metadata) to more easily readable names such as NeoNewsToday.neo, William.neo, or ChelseaFC.neo.

When a NeoNS domain is registered, it is minted as an NFT on the Neo N3 network that the domain owner holds directly in their wallet. As NFTs, these domains are easily transferred between users, making them convenient to trade on third-party marketplaces. The NeoNS collection can be viewed on the GhostMarket or MegaOasis NFT marketplaces.

As the owner of a domain, a NeoNS user can choose what information to associate with the domain by creating records. For example, owners can set a TEXT record in order to associate a domain with an N3 public address, allowing the domain name to be used as a human-readable alternative to the address in compatible wallets. Alternatively, NeoNS domains could be used to point to the location of a decentralized website hosted on NeoFS.

At the time of launch, the root of each domain on the service must be .neo, however further top-level domains may be added in the future by the Neo Council. The Neo Council also has the ability to adjust the fees for domain registrations.

Once a domain is registered, the Neo user can also create further sub-domains. For example, NeoNewsToday.neo could establish sub-domains like podcast.NeoNewsToday.neo or articles.NeoNewsToday.neo. Records may also be created in association with sub-domains, enabling each sub-domain to be mapped to a different N3 address or other resource.

Ultimately, NeoNS was conceptualized and designed to help developers better organize data used by dApps and for users to transfer digital assets with more safety and convenience.

Registration and Cost

Any Neo N3 compatible wallet can be used to register, browse, send, and receive NeoNS domains. NeoNS domains can only contain the letters A through Z and the digits 0 to 9. Letters are not case-sensitive, and diacritics cannot be used.

To acquire a NeoNS domain name, users must pay a GAS cost determined by the number of characters in the name. This amount must also be paid each year to maintain ownership of NeoNS domain names. Pricing for registration of NeoNS domains is as follows:

  • 3 letter domain: 200 GAS per year
  • 4 letter domain: 70 GAS per year
  • 5+ letter domain: 2 GAS per year

When a NeoNS domain name expires, it will immediately become available for anyone else to register and claim ownership. Expired domains will remain in user accounts on the NeoNS website until another user registers them.

Looking forward, the ability to send and receive tokens between wallets using NeoNS domain names will be integrated into different ecosystem wallets on the timeline of their development teams.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: