New Economy Labs (NEL), a Chinese-based NEO development team has published its monthly report for April. The report covers everything that NEL has worked on over the last month.

NEL continued the development of its NEO blockchain explorer. NEL completed the UTXO paging, address details page, and NEP-5 details page. A translated version of the explorer was also provided for Chinese users, and it now features a switch for users to toggle between Chinese and English versions.

Additional development was also done on NEL’s web wallet for holding NEO assets. The wallet received an upgrade to allow for the UTXO/NEP-5 transfer function and optimized its transfer functions. Other improvements included a faster refresh rate for viewing balances, transaction records, and information.

A new version of NEL’s WeChat mini-program wallet was also released and received numerous iterative upgrades to its front and backend. Users can now claim GAS within their WeChat wallets, and can also view their NEP-5 transactions. A MainNet/TestNet switch was added for developers, and research was done on the NEO Name Service mini-program interface. Users will now also receive transaction notifications. The backend of the application was rewritten using Go and was integrated with CoinMarketCap’s API cache.

April also marked the completion of the NEODUN hardware wallet firmware interface, as well as the main flow function. An English version of the NEODUN firmware will be released once the Chinese version is tested as being stable. NEL designed and completed the packaging production, including the packaging boxes in factory warehouses, instruction books, and built in accessories.

The team also added the function to import private keys through secure channels. This way, if an intruder intercepts the data between NEODUN and the driver software, it cannot obtain any sensitive information.

A trademark registration is in process that will coincide with the release of NEODUN’s official website. More content will be added to the NEODUN website in future.

NEL plans to give away some NEODUN units to its community for a trial and test period, due May.

An extensive amount of work was also done on NEL’s background interface, including the NEO-Block-API, data analysis project construction and more. You can read the list of changes and updates here.

Finally, NEL developed its Crazy Gladiator HTML5 game that’s planned for release in Q2 2018. Work was done on the game’s user interface, cloning process, and client prompt information. The team finished the market trading and cloning contract and made progress on the connection between the contract and gameserver.

Over the next month, NEL plans to develop genetic algorithms and complete the connection between the gameserver and contract. Also, updates will be made to complete the appearance of characters and adjust the characters actions.

The full April update can be read at the link below.

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