Neo Global Development recently hosted a series of technical workshops to support participants of the Neo Frontier Launchpad. Five sessions took place over a 10-day period beginning June 19, and concluding June 29, 2021, with a final “Office Hours” session for general questions.

The workshops included introductions to Python contract development, DeFi, NeoFS, NFTs, and governance on N3, and were conducted by representatives from COZ, NGD, Neo SPCC, NGD Enterprise, and AxLabs, respectively.

Videos of each event can be found below.

Introduction to contract development on Neo

Host: Tyler Adams, COZ

Topics: How to configure a basic development environment, writing a simple smart contract in Python, interacting with smart contracts using both neo-express and neon.js.

DeFi project development on Neo, highlighting Flamingo Finance as an example

Host: Li Chen, NGD Digital Asset team

Topics: Flash loan examples contract using NEP-17 standard contracts, examples of contracts for five Flamingo modules using Neo Legacy and N3 comparisons, and OnNep17Payment examples.

Practical introduction to NeoFS

Hosts: Alexey Vanin and Stanislav Bogatyrev, NeoSPCC

Topics: An overview of the NeoFS architecture, how data is stored, handling large objects, data auditing, control lists for granting access to data stored on NeoFS, implementing NeoFS into a web application, a demo using a flexible multi-level ACL system. 

NFT development on Neo

Hosts: Harry Pierson and John deVadoss, NGD Enterprise

Topics: An overview of NFTs and their use cases, definitions of NEP-11 and NEP-17 standards, Neo Blockchain Toolkit tutorials, sample NFT smart contract templates, and a walkthrough of building various contracts in VS Code. 

Building dApps with governance on Neo N3.

Hosts: Guil. Sperb Machado and Claude Müller, AxLabs

Topics: An overview of on-chain and off-chain governance, implementing governance into the neow3j dApp technology stack, an introduction to neow3j’s Hello World contract, a walkthrough of a meme governance dApp as a use case, and the architecture of the governance dApp smart contract. 

Office Hours

The Office Hours event was hosted to answer questions about the features, functions, and tooling for Neo N3 that have not been answered in the Discord channel or previous workshops. Representatives from NGD, NGD Enterprise, Neo SPCC, AxLabs, and COZ were on-hand to answer questions from Launchpad participants. Topics of discussion included NeoFS, criteria for judging Neo Frontier Launchpad projects, use cases for Neo N3, and much more.


The entire series of Neo Frontier launchpad workshops can be found below: