Neo Global Development is releasing collectible Neoverse NFTs to celebrate the launch of the Neo N3 MainNet and the Mass Migration program. NGD intends to distribute the Neoverse NFTs in “blind boxes” via airdrops and purchases.

There will be a total of 27,000 blind boxes available, each containing one of nine elemental pieces representing major technical features of the Neo N3 blockchain (I.e., single block finality, native oracles, decentralized storage, etc.). Once users have collected all nine of the N3 Element NFT pieces, they can burn them to mint a special N3 Collector’s Edition NFT.

Three NFT artists have each contributed three unique pieces of artwork to their series, creating a total of nine N3 Collector’s Edition NFTs in the Neoverse. The participating artists are Aleksandr Kuskov (N-series), Chen Bin (E-series), and Reva (O-series). As there is a total of 27,000 blind boxes with an equal amount of elemental pieces, there will be a maximum of 3,000 N3 Collector’s Edition NFTs minted in the Neoverse. The Collector NFTs will be broken down accordingly:

  • N-series: three types, 100 maximum (33, 33, 34 pieces respectively)
  • E-series: three types, 200 maximum (66, 67, 67 pieces respectively)
  • O-series: three types, 2,700 maximum (900 pieces per type)

How to Participate

Neo community members can become eligible to receive NFT airdrops by participating in official Neo ecosystem projects and other partner events, with details still to be announced. Of the 27,000 blind boxes, 9,000 will be distributed via airdrop by participating in these events.

The remaining 18,000 blind boxes will be sold on an official Neoverse website launching in mid-Sep. After these final 18,000 are put on sale, the elemental NFTs will also become available for market trading on GhostMarket.

Additionally, the N3 Collector’s Edition NFTs will offer access to unique facets of the Neo ecosystem. There are no further details at the time of press.

NGD plans to announce timelines and further details about how to participate soon.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: