New Kind of Network (NKN) has posted its latest development report as well as a yearly retrospective for 2018. The article highlights what the team has worked on over the last two weeks and looks back at its achievements for the past year.

A timeline that shows the platform’s progress can be seen in the original announcement along with a substantial narration of the team’s efforts.

NKN reported a busy end of 2018, spending a large amount of time rewriting its consensus algorithms and ledger modules. This progress can be seen in the nkn, nkn-client-js and nkn-wallet-js GitHub repositories.

The repositories received 26 pull requests and 38 commits according to a table included in the announcement. NKN states that the net GitHub activity does not include private branches by developers, so these figures could be higher in reality.

Core development efforts culminated with the release of NKN TestNet v0.5.5-alpha on December 28th. The new version includes bug fixes, native https proxy service support, and better API integration. Block Explorer Update

Community developers also contributed with a major update to the NKN block explorer. The new features include a nodes manager and wallet tracker.

NKN petitioned for help from its community to help improve the block explorer. Members can submit bug reports, user feedback, and new feature requests for developer perusal.

To contribute, more information can be found on the GitHub repository and Trello project management system.

Overview of NKN System and Benefits Video

NKN published a video that claims to give a brief introduction to the benefits of its ecosystem, presented by CTO Yilun Zhang. The talk was taken from the Decentralized Web 3.0 Town Hall event held at the Starfish Blockchain Community in San Francisco. Zhang gives an overview of NKN’s network, core technologies and client SDK in the presentation.

The video can be watched here on the platform’s YouTube channel.

Dr. Stephen Wolfram joins NKN as Technical Advisor

The platform also increased its board of technical advisors with the inclusion of Dr. Stephen Wolfram, who is the CEO of Wolfram Research.

Dr. Wolfram’s appointment could have a special significance for NKN, as his work appears to have influenced the fundamental design of its network.

“Inspired by Wolfram’s seminal book A New Kind of Science (often dubbed “NKS”) the founders of NKN aspire to build a New Kind of Network based on simple programs known as cellular automata for a truly decentralized and horizontally scalable data transmission network and novel blockchain.”

Dr Wolfram’s role will be to “provide technical guidance and entrepreneurial mentorship to the NKN project.”

NKN’s full report can be found at the below link: