United States-based decentralized data relay project, NKN, has announced the launch of the latest version of its public TestNet. The announcement accompanies other updates in its latest bi-weekly report. The latest TestNet release, version 0.5 named “Koala”, focuses on “system stability and scalability” improvements; meanwhile, NKN’s TestNet saw a peak of over 5,000 deployed nodes worldwide.

NKN TestNet “Koala”

NKN’s TestNet v0.5 release included a rewrite of “the entire network layer” of NKN’s software, which has been released as a new Github repository; updates to NKN’s “Proof of Relay” consensus model; and software development kit upgrades designed to encourage dApp development on the NKN protocol.

NKN’s consensus model was optimized with an eye towards stability and robustness against malicious attacks and network overload. NKN also claims to have increased the efficiency of its gossip algorithm, and says they have improved the process of updating new network nodes to sync them with the network’s current state (important for its consensus mechanism).

DxChain Partnership

NKN also announced a partnership with DxChain, a United States-based startup focused on data storage and computing. This partnership is expected to be complimentary, with each project providing support in its specialty; DxChain will be expected to provide “blockchain storage and computing solutions” for NKN, and NKN will provide “blockchain network transmission solutions” for DxChain.

NKN’s bi-weekly update can be read in full at the following link: