Neo News Today has released the /r/Neo GasBot, an automated tipping service for the Neo subreddit. Launched in celebration of the Neo 5 Year MainNet anniversary, the GasBot allows Reddit users to easily send and receive tips in GAS.

Usage guidelines have been provided as part of the announcement post on the Neo subreddit. Up to date instructions can be retrieved at any time using the provided !help command.

GasBot is one of several initiatives undertaken by NNT in an effort to help grow the Neo ecosystem. The NNT team will be on the lookout for community members who actively bring value by assisting others or creating new Neo resources, tipping them with the GAS earned in its role as a governance council member.

Further development is planned for the bot. Although a roadmap plan hasn’t been released at this time, planned updates include support for command usage in private messages to the bot, new command functionality, and integration with other Neo social platforms.

NNT is giving away 50 GAS as part of the celebration, which can be earned by leaving a comment envisioning how Neo technology could be applied to improve the typical day to day life of its users. More information about the bot can be found in the announcement post: