Neo News Today has released GasBot for Discord, an updated version of its onboarding tool for the Neo ecosystem. A giveaway event will be held to commemorate the launch, giving participants a chance to win a share of 100 GAS a week.

GasBot is designed with crypto non-natives in mind, requiring no wallet setup for users. Accounts are tied to the Discord user, so deposited tokens can be accessed from any server that has integrated GasBot using simple commands.

Though originally launched as a tipping service for the Neo subreddit in Oct, 2021, the decision was made to adopt Discord as the primary platform for GasBot. This allows GasBot to more tightly integrate with different communities, build out more advanced functionality, and take advantage of Discord’s more reliable infrastructure. Over time, other social media platforms can be supported.

GasBot supports several NEP-17 tokens from projects in the ecosystem; users can currently send GAS, FLM, TTM, NEP, GM, CANDY, bNEO, and NUDES to other users or addresses.

Giveaway Event

NNT will commemorate the launch with its first GasBot Giveaway event. By using the bot to tip fellow community members, users will get the chance to win from a share of 100 GAS each week.

The event will run from Nov. 14 – 27. Users can gain entries in the draw by tipping other users in any server that has GasBot installed. One entry is granted for each tip, up to a limit of three entries per day. The amount tipped does not affect entries, and tips can be made in any of the supported tokens.

The first 10 winners will be drawn on Nov. 21, and the final 10 will be selected on Nov. 28. Winners will be drawn fairly on-chain using the Props Collection contract and awarded 10 GAS.

Bot details

A new landing page for GasBot has been created on Information such as supported tokens, command usage details, and a FAQ section can be found. Admins of Discord servers will be able to use the provided button to add GasBot to their servers.

Learn more about the GasBot by visiting its new homepage at the link below: