nOS and Neon Exchange (NEX) have announced an exclusive partnership that will see NEX integrate nOS “exclusively as the only third party platform to officially feature NEX Suite, outside of NEX’s own solutions” and the nOS Client integrate NEX “exclusively as its only official native third-party exchange dashboard”.

The co-exclusive agreement is designed to further facilitate the mass adoption of the Smart Economy. nOS is a virtual operating system that aims to make developing and deploying decentralized applications easier for developers, whilst simplifying the user experience through features such as a browser like UI, dApp discovery store and automatic token conversions. NEX is a decentralized exchange and payment platform that aims to simplify the process of transacting in cryptocurrency, whilst also enabling complex trades though a high performance decentralized architecture.

The partnership will feature benefits for both users and developers. As nOS and NEX will support each others API’s, developers will only need to build their applications once for them to be compatible as a native nOS dApp, and a native web application that uses the NEX browser plugin.

For users, the nOS automatic token conversion feature described in its white paper will be powered NEX. In a Medium post published by nOS founder, Dean Van Dugteren, the following example was provided:

Here’s a practical example:

  • You’re using a dApp called “dAuction” (Example — not a real dApp).
  • dAuction allows for bidding on real-life items using a token called DACT.
  • You want to bid 200 DACT on a listing for a brand new laptop.
  • nOS detects you don’t have 200 DACT in your wallet.
  • nOS prompts you if you want to convert an amount of crypto-currency that you do hold (e.g. GAS or ETH) for 200 DACT to complete your action of making the bid.
  • You approve the prompt.
  • You automatically purchase 200 DACT via NEX, which is instantly awarded to your nOS account.
  • nOS automatically completes your action of making the bid on the laptop.

In addition, as NEX has plans to support fiat transactions, the automatic conversion process would also allow users to make purchases that require tokens directly with fiat.

As the founders nOS and NEX are also members of City of Zion, they have an extensive history of working together. The co-exclusive agreement will remain in effect for a minimum of two years.

Dean van Dugteren notes, “nOS and NEX together will bring new features and opportunities to the blockchain — and crypto — industry as a whole. And that excites us. We look forward to making the world of Smart Economy flourish!”

More information on nOS and NEX can be found at the links below.