nOS has announced a partnership with Data Access Worldwide in order to “join forces to bring decentralized applications to the enterprise market.” Data Access is an enterprise software development company that boasts clients such as Coca Cola, Star Leasing, SoftData, Cerner, Berendsen and VolkerRail. It claims to be active in 106 countries with over 1,000,000 application users.

The partnership will the see the organizations integrate each others technologies and collaborate on research and development. nOS states that it shares a common objective with Data Access in that they both aim to simplify the development of applications and business logic. By working together, the two organisations believe they can “reduce the complexity of development so businesses of any size or type can drastically lower development costs and time to deploy applications faster.”

In addition, nOS and Data Access are looking to “discover and apply new use cases that combine blockchain with enterprise strategies and the applications that support them.”

The complete list of goals defined by nOS in a Medium post are as follows:

  • Data Access and nOS will seek to integrate nOS APIs into DataFlex to enable blockchain interactions with applications built on DataFlex.
  • Data Access and nOS will seek to enable applications built on DataFlex to become deployable on nOS as Decentralized Applications.
  • nOS will consult Data Access in the field of blockchain technologies on both a strategic and technological level.
  • nOS will develop blockchain-powered use cases for Data Access and its clients/partners/subsidiaries.
  • Upon mutual consent, Data Access and nOS will present their viable use cases to each others’ clients/partners/subsidiaries.
  • Data Access and nOS will collaborate in the hosting and attendance of enterprise-level blockchain events and conferences.

nOS also announced that the managing director of Data Access Europe, Nick Nikijuluw, will be supporting the project as enterprise solutions advisor. Nick will “advise and consult nOS on the field of enterprise solutions, and share efforts to make nOS the virtual operating system for both consumer and enterprise-level decentralized applications.”

The nOS project is currently in the final round of its nOS token sale whitelist phase, which ends on October 22nd.

The full announcement can be found at the below link:

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