nOS, a project that aims to create a “virtual operating system” to streamline the use and development of dApps on the NEO blockchain, has formally announced the results of its token sale, which ended November 8th, 2018. Additionally, the Switcheo exchange has announced that they will be hosting a nOS trading competition, which will run from November 12th to 25th, 2018. A pool of 100,000 NOS tokens is up for grabs, with 30,000 NOS going to the first place finisher.

nOS Token Sale Conclusion

nOS has taken a look back and a look forward at the conclusion of its token sale. nOS has raised 101,054 NEO and 3,669 ETH in its public sale, with over 57,000,000 NOS currently in circulation. Total supply stands at 375,000,000 NOS tokens, subject to an unlock schedule. nOS founder Dean van Dugteren stated: “We have become a fully regulatory compliant Virtual Token by the laws of Malta,” and sent his thanks to everyone who participated in the sale.

nOS plans to continue development of:

  • The nOS Mobile Client with full ports of all desktop apps;
  • A “community development portal” to replace the token sale portal;
  • The nOS app submission portal;
  • The nOS TestNet;
  • A voting system;
  • Developer competitions to encourage dApp development for nOS.

At the Amsterdam meetup, nOS stated that its developer community has released over 60 dApps on the nOS TestNet in the seven months since the project’s launch.

Switcheo Trading Competition

Singapore-based Switcheo, who launched the first decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain in March of 2018, has announced a trading competition for the nOS token. The top 10 traders with the highest combined nOS trading volume in Switcheo’s NOS/NEO, NOS/GAS, and NOS/SWTH markets between November 12th and 25th, will receive prizes from a pool of 100,000 nOS. Switcheo has stated that registration is required for its event, and says that the “competition will be open for registration soon”.

The nOS token sale summary can be read in full at the following link:

Switcheo’s NOS trading competition announcement can be read here: