On January 13th, nOS updated its Client to v0.5. New features include auto-update, a new transactions panel, data encryption & decryption functionality, updates to the design, and various bug fixes. nOS is a virtual operating system that will run on mobile and desktop, and functions like a browser and app store for accessing dApps.

New Features

The nOS Client now features an auto updater, which will automatically update the application upon launch. nOS was also able to acquire software certificates, which makes download and installation simpler as the Client is now trusted by Windows and MacOS.

App data can now be encrypted before sending it to the blockchain, which allows users to protect their information. This functionality “opens up the ability to make production-ready applications and games that utilize private data.” The feature is claimed to have been audited by security firm Red4Sec.

Further, users will now be able to view their transaction history from the nOS Client’s built-in wallet. The transaction panel will show details of each transaction, including public address, token, and amount.

Adjustments to the design were also made to include a “sleeker and more user friendly” experience.

Lastly, a variety of bugs in the Ledger hardware wallet have been identified and fixed. Ledger users will now be able to verify their address in nOS.app and acquire a Holding Score, which provides users with voting features and other benefits. nOS notes the Holding Score will be updated on Monday, January 14th.

The changelog for all the updates can be seen at the nOS GitHub link below:

Next Steps

Looking forward, short term development plans include full native support for the Ethereum blockchain, a cross-platform identity solution, and the addition of the nOS Gateway, among others.

Additionally, the research and development team is exploring a reputation-based rewards system, native blockchain, and filesystem.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: