Virtual operating system project nOS has announced the integration of Scatter, a wallet and development suite for building dApps on various smart contract platforms.

Scatter supports development and asset management across Ethereum, EOS and Tron, and claims to allow developers to easily connect their applications to the aforementioned blockchains.

By integrating the Scatter Protocols, nOS will enable users to access these ‘ScatterApps’ from within the nOS client.

Boosting adoption

nOS and Scatter align on their intention to boost adoption by simplifying the development and accessibility of decentralized applications.

As a development suite, Scatter aims to ease the development of blockchain applications and allow easy management of assets. nOS aims to provide a platform for these applications to be discovered and interacted with by users.

nOS claims that the deployment of apps to its platform will provide additional decentralization by removing the reliance on centralized servers for frontend hosting.

Reputation token

As part of the integration, nOS will add support for Scatter’s RIDL token. The RIDL token is used to provide a reputational element to ScatterApps, addresses and smart contracts. This is hoped to allow users to verify the trustworthiness of a contract prior to interaction.

The NOS token will be required for app deployment and management, as well as for interaction with apps that are served by its platform.

Additional documentation

To accompany the technical integration, nOS claims that it will work with Scatter to develop “new tools, starter kits and developer documentation.” This includes information on building applications with Scatter and deploying ScatterApps to nOS.

The two teams will also build a CLI tool that provides a starter kit for ScatterApps, which will also include a one-line command for deployment to nOS.

nOS Client 0.5.2

nOS recently updated its client to v0.5.2, including numerous bug fixes and an overhaul of the login/register system. A full list of changes can be found in the original announcement.

The update also includes an automatic, passwordless login for wallet users that have created a nOS ID account. Users without nOS ID will be prompted to create an account for their wallet after logging in.

BitMart exchange

Coinciding with the update, BitMart exchange has announced that it will list the NOS token alongside nOS partner Travala’s AVA token, which will both be added for trading against Bitcoin.

Deposits will be available from 3:00 AM (UTC – 4) on March 18th. Trading will be available on the 19th, and withdrawals will be supported on the 20th. The listing announcement may be found here.