O3 Labs has released a new update for its desktop wallet. The new release, v1.1.6, can be downloaded from the O3 Labs website.

The core changes focus on the user experience, by improving the flow of adding wallets and importing addresses from a Ledger device. In addition, ledger performance has been improved.

O3’s decentralized API messaging protocol (o3-dapi) has also been updated with support for the NEO blockchain. The protocol is designed to let any dApp creator connect to O3 users in a secure way, by allowing users to authorize payment for goods and services through signing transactions using the private key stored on their O3 wallet.

This approach is already used for O3’s Switcheo integration, which allows users to access the Switcheo exchange without manually providing their private key to the service. The O3 Labs team has also been working on a NEP for a standardized protocol interface between NEO dApp developers and dApp API platform providers.

The team also tweaked the send flow for watch addresses, which allow users to easily monitor any other NEO public address. When attempting to send funds from these watched addresses, users will be prompted to provide the corresponding private key.