O3 Labs has published its progress report for Q1 of 2018. The progress report detailed O3’s development from January to April, including additional partnerships, the recruitment of new team members, an update to its O3 wallet and its events held throughout East Asia.

The start of the year saw O3 Labs relaunch its O3 Android and iOS wallet apps. The iOS version was developed with help from its community, the City of Zion Council and the core NEO team. Both the Android and iOS versions of its wallet support the NEP-5 token standard and are now the first NEP-5 wallets available on mobile. O3 states that its wallet serves tens of thousands of users across the globe.

O3 also finalized the development for what it calls its biggest wallet feature yet: in-app token sales. A future announcement will be made for this feature that will contain all the details.

The growth of O3’s userbase was thanks to its numerous quality of life improvements, supporting its users, and ironing out the smaller details of the application. The growth of O3’s userbase will help lubricate its rebranding from O3 Wallet to simply O3, as the app will soon support more features than just holding NEO, GAS or NEP-5 tokens.

O3 started its functional rebranding with the development of its token sales feature, used alongside its smart wallet, portfolio tracking suite, and news feed. In future, O3 will feature a decentralized exchange, decentralized applications, digital and tokenized items, and a fiat payment gateway. O3 states that these features will help grow O3 into something “stronger, faster, and more badass,” than previous versions, while also providing everything that one could need to navigate the Smart Economy safely.

O3 participated in some events and workshops to promote the NEO ecosystem. O3 took part in the first NEO DevCon as speakers, and won the 3rd place prize in the NEO / Microsoft dApp Competition, with O3 developer Apisit’s work on the Blockchain Loyalty Program. O3 participated in other events in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

The team also received funding from the NEO Council to support their work and repaid this in kind by launching public nodes for the NEO blockchain in Japan and the launch of an NEO community forum to help with support questions and technical discussion.

O3 also founded a team of localizers to spread the work of O3 into Japan and China. The team thanks Chris from NEO Japan and NEL, China’s largest NEO developer group for this effort.

Furthering cooperation between O3 and NEL, the teams formed an official partnership and joint venture. The venture will have O3 being the first client to support NEL’s NEO Name Service (NNS). The NNS supports the .neo decentralized domain name service that will be based on the NEO blockchain and will facilitate the transfer of tokens via a .neo domain alias. The .neo domains can be mapped to any blockchain identifier or resource such as contract hash, content hash, public key and so forth.

Other developments for O3 was its acceptance into Tech Lab Paak, a startup incubator for Recruit holdings, one of the largest conglomerates in Japan. O3 also began finalizing the NEP-URI standard to allow for easier client interaction with the NEO blockchain.

O3 also added new team members, growing from two full-time members to five. Arco Oliemans, who fluent in Japanese and community admin for Ontology joined as business development manager. Alex Knight joined as a UX designer, bringing experience from his time at the Japanese payment companies Kyash and Origami. And CoZ contributor Nick Fujita also joined. Fujita has experience working on Neon-JS, smart contract tutorials and competing in dApp competitions for NEO. He was also a developer at Crunchy roll and is currently serving as an advisor to several NEO projects.

More information on O3 can be found at the links below.