O3 Labs, Japan-based developer of the O3 NEO and Ontology wallet, has announced that its “O3 Swap” feature is now available. O3 Swap allows users to easily make purchases of NEO, GAS, and ONT tokens without trading on an exchange.

O3 Swap

O3 Swap is meant to be a simple gateway for NEO, GAS, and ONT purchases that uses the ChangeNOW API to perform swaps. Users who wish to perform a NEO purchase with a non-native cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum will be quoted an exchange rate and provided with an address to send a certain amount of their cryptocurrency to. When the deposit address is funded, the user’s O3 wallet will be sent NEO, GAS, or ONT in return.

Exchange rates offered vary based on market conditions and the available liquidity listed on the order books of currency exchanges worldwide. The product is meant to offer “reasonably good rates”, according to O3’s Arco Oliemans, coupled with ease of use.

Fiat Gateway

A “soon to be released” fiat gateway for the O3 wallet was also announced. The gateway will offer NEO purchases directly using Visa and MasterCard. More details are forthcoming at a later date.

Ontology Staking

O3 Labs has also released its “Stakeology” app for the O3 desktop wallet. The Stakeology app allows users to stake their ONT tokens (minimum required to stake: 500 ONT) with an Ontology consensus node, directly from the O3 wallet. O3 reports that they have created their O3 dAPI protocol with extra enhancements to support the staking functions. As such, a full suite of staking features is supported in Stakeology, including stake management and authorization, stake withdrawals, and Ontology Gas (ONG) claims.

O3’s Stakeology dApp is available now for O3 Desktop users, and is under development for its iOS and Android offerings.

O3’s announcement of the O3 Swap service can be viewed in full at the following link: