Following its removal from the Apple App Store in February 2020 due to a trademark dispute with a non-blockchain related company, the O3 wallet has been made available to iOS mobile users via the TestFlight platform. In October 2019, Neo Global Development (NGD) assumed responsibility of the O3 wallet after O3 Labs was acquired in a talent acquisition by to build mobile financial services for the Bitcoin Cash network.

TestFlight is a platform that allows developers to distribute software to users for testing purposes. In order to access the O3 Wallet through TestFlight, users must first download and install the TestFlight app, then download the O3 wallet via the testing invitation link.

As TestFlight builds typically expire after 90 days, TestFlight distribution is only intended as a stop gap solution while NGD “actively [solves] the trademark dispute regarding the O3 Wallet on AppStore.”

The O3 wallet is still available for Android users on Google Play.

The announcement can be found at the link below: