Ontology has recently partnered with NCC Group, a vulnerability auditing firm, and ALLIVE, a healthcare-based public chain. NCC Group was hired to review the Ontology codebase for vulnerabilities, with a particular focus on its cryptography. ALLIVE and Ontology will co-develop a decentralized healthcare ecosystem, smart blockchain network, and decentralized applications (dApps).

NCC Group Partnership

NCC Group is a “global expert in cybersecurity and risk mitigation, working with businesses to protect their brand, value, and reputation.” The company is headquartered in Manchester, UK and has over 35 offices globally. It employs more than 2,000 people, and is an advisor to over 15,000 clients across the globe.

The auditing firm initially reviewed Ontology v0.8 and subsequently v0.9 in June and July of 2018.

The NCC Group review of Ontology’s platform focussed on its smart contract virtual machines, the modular consensus mechanism, peer-to-peer (P2P) network protocol, iOS and Android mobile applications, and other features to implement a programmable currency.

Other areas of vulnerability analysis NCC Group offers include design and architecture review, implementation review, protocol review, product review, training, and design and implementation.

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ALLIVE Partnership

The ALLIVE and Ontology partnership was announced at the South Korea MainNet launch party, previously covered by NEO News Today.

The two entities will strive to solve the problems of data islands and resource mismatching in medical data. Typically, an individual’s medical data is stored in a centralized and large medical institutional database. Ontology and ALLIVE will seek to “provide users with convenient distributed medical services without any complex systems and technologies.”

ALLIVE will build individual profiles of its users through three modules: OLIFE, OLIVIA, and OLEAF.

The OLIFE module will aim to develop an “encrypted, comprehensive, and self-perfecting health profile for each individual through the distributed health data network, transitioning evidence-based medicine to personalized healthcare.”

The OLIVIA module will seek to create a “major-hospital-qualified artificially intelligent (AI) doctor by formulating a medical knowledge graph with machine learning algorithms, through the combination of digital technology and medical databanks.”

Lastly, the OLEAF module will seek to provide the “full-process [of] healthcare services through modular interfaces, covering general health management, doctor’s appointments, prescription filling, [and] insurance processing.”

On the partnership, Zhang Yiru, co-founder and CTO of ALLIVE, stated “blockchain technology is driving the ‘information’ transmission started in the age of the internet to ‘trust’ transmission. ALLIVE is looking forward to its cooperation with Ontology and jointly promoting the development of the industry by establishing reliable health data transmission, and building a more rich and personalized healthcare service ecosystem.”

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