Neo Global Development has accepted Polychain Monsters into the N3 Early Adoption Program. Polychain Monsters is a cross-blockchain, play-to-earn game based on NFT collectibles that incorporates DeFi elements. Play-to-earn games integrate blockchain-based solutions to create new monetization methods and revenue models for players and game developers.

Polychain Monsters offers collectible, animated character NFTs, each with random attributes that differ in rarity. Users can collect Polychain Monster NFTs by purchasing digital booster packs using PMON tokens. Each booster pack costs 1 PMON token and includes three characters. Additionally, players can stake and farm Polychain Monster NFTs, and earn portions of the proceeds from the sale of booster pack collections.

Currently, Polychain Monsters operates on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, with Polygon support on the short-term horizon and Neo in the plans. Wolf Bauer-Oberlein, Polychain Monsters CTO, said, “From multi-language support to native decentralized storage solutions and oracles and an outstanding developer experience through the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for VS Code, Neo N3 just has everything we need.”

At the time of press, nearly a million booster packs have been sold. The sale of Polychain Monsters on the OpenSea NFT marketplace has surpassed US $14 million in trading volume.

On the partnership, John Wang, NGD head of Eco Growth, said:

Polychain Monsters brings the Neo ecosystem not only a unique collect-to-earn and play-to-earn system, but also endless possibilities that can be built out around DeFi, NFTs, and other areas. Neo welcomes the opportunity to comprehensively support the Polychain Monsters team as we work together to contribute to the future of the smart economy.

Looking forward, Neo will become the fourth network Polychain Monsters supports. The team aims to launch booster packs on the Neo N3 network in Q2 2022. In the coming months, Polychain Monsters will release a Neo-exclusive character.

As part of the N3 Early Adoption Program, Polychain Monsters will receive grant funds, technical support, and incubation opportunities structured to promote growth and success in the Neo ecosystem.

N3 Early Adoption Program Details

NGD’s Early Adoption Program has allocated US $10 million in grants for qualified teams and individuals. The goal of the program is to increase overall participation in the Neo ecosystem. NGD hopes that new ecosystem entrants building on Neo N3 can optimize the network through real-world use and testing. Ultimately, NGD believes the program can help establish Neo N3’s infrastructure while simultaneously bolstering awareness.

The NGD team hopes to see a variety of dApp and product ideas, with a particular interest in the following types of projects:

  • Infrastructure for the Neo N3 MainNet (i.e., browsers, compilers, middleware)
  • Product development based on NeoID, NeoFS, oracles, and other core components of Neo N3
  • Application layer uses (i.e., DeFi, NFTs, and general dApps)
  • Concepts with business use cases merging physical and digital worlds (i.e., social media, e-commerce projects)
  • Regulation-facing use cases (i.e., payment and traditional financial digitization projects)

More information about applying can be found on the Eco Support section of the website.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: