QLC Chain has announced that its Q-Wallet now offers top-up support for all of China’s mobile operators: China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. According to QLC Chain, the three operators had a combined US $1.3 trillion in revenue in 2018. Further, 80% to 90% of the top-ups were conducted via online payment, which is a US $20 – $40 billion market.

Topping up through the Q-Wallet application offers a 5% discount to China Mobile Guangdong subscribers and a 2% discounts to other users across China. When a user recharges their mobile plans through top ups, Q-Wallet will issue a communication expense receipt. QLC Chain states that communication record data, including recharge activities, will be acknowledged as an individual’s digital asset. It claims that this will help “[solve] the widespread issue of receipt forgery and reimbursement scams.”

AMA and incentive campaigns

QLC Chain is also running a mini-incentive campaign in conjunction with its upcoming Reddit AMA on Wednesday, October 23rd. Five random users who participate in the AMA will receive 1,000 QLC tokens each. Also, ten users who tweet responses from the AMA and tag @QLCChain are eligible to win 1,000 QLC tokens each.

In addition to the AMA incentive campaign, QLC Chain is conducting a token lock-up and referral program for Q-Wallet users to incentivize network and wallet activity. QLC Chain is releasing a “lending contract,” which is designed to lend Q-Wallet users 1,500 QLC tokens that automatically stake on QLC MainNet for one year. During this time, users will have the ability to claim QGAS staking rewards generated by the QLC as they see fit.

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