QLC Chain has released a step-by-step guide on how to stake NEP-5 QLC tokens to receive Go-QLC (MainNet) QGAS tokens. Last month, QLC Chain announced it had developed and begun to implement an interoperable staking protocol with the NEO public blockchain.

QLC is the “protocol token” for QLC Chain, which can be staked to gain access to communication services, receive QGAS, and vote on ledger updates.

QGAS is the utility token for QLC Chain, which is necessary to deploy services on Go-QLC. Further, rewards for voting nodes and mining nodes within the Go-QLC network are to be distributed using QGAS.

QLC staking is tentatively scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 28th, which will generate QGAS via the Go-QLC Wallet. At the time of launch, web, PC, and mobile versions of the wallet are going to be available for use.

QLC Chain notes that users should not send their NEP-5 QLC tokens to the QLC Chain Wallet. Instead, users should generate or import a NEP-5 wallet, then bind the two wallets addresses in the QLC Chain Wallet.

For more information about the staking process visit the following link: