QLC Chain has announced that it is nearing the launch of WinQ v2.0, a dApp that provides VPN and WiFi connection using QLC’s peer-to-peer account sharing protocol. In August of 2018, QLC Chain handed off WinQ to the open-source developer community, PlayBlockz.

Updates to WinQ 2.0 include a new multi-chain wallet that supports NEO, Ethereum, and EOS tokens.

Additionally, a new utility token, WinQ GAS (WGAS), will be used for in-application services. The token will also generate in accordance with the total asset value in a user’s WinQ wallet. WGAS will automatically swap out with current TestNet QLC tokens.

In preparation for the launch, QLC Chain is inviting VPN operators and active community members to test the platform.

The first round will take place from December 7th to December 14th, and is seeking VPN operators to participate. During the first round, participants who earn WGAS will be able to convert to QLC tokens at a 2:1 QLC to WGAS ratio. To participate, contact the team at the following Telegram channel:


The second round of the incentive program has yet to be determined, but details will be forthcoming.