On Friday, January 31st, QLC Chain chief architect, Allen Lee (@xiaoyux), participated in an ask me anything (AMA) on the QLC Chain Reddit page. The AMA sought to clarify the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider’s goals for industrial adoption in 2020. Alongside the AMA, QLC Chain also released its roadmap for Q1 and Q2 of 2020.

In the AMA, Lee offered feedback on QLC Chain network usage, the need for oracle nodes in the network, the Confidant peer-to-peer encrypted messaging and storage hardware, NEP-5 QLC token use cases, plus more.

At the time of the AMA, QLC Chain reports there are approximately 30,000 Q-Wallet users and more than 3,000 daily transactions on QLC Chain.

When questioned regarding the use of the QLC token, Lee offered a list of current and future uses cases including antifraud communication, network usage, payment for mobile cellular services, transfer of funds, and staking to voting/mining/oracle/Confidant nodes for rewards, among others.

Lee also claimed that QLC Chain has also made it easier to send digital assets through its network. As a result of QLC Chain’s telecom industry partnerships, Lee stated it is now possible to send QLC or QGAS tokens via phone number — not a public key address.

Lastly, a variety of questions were oriented toward the integration of a QLC Chain-based decentralized oracle node network, which is planned for a Q2 2020 launch. Oracle nodes, according to Lee, “will act as the data input for the resource ownership and relative market information.” QLC Chain intends to implement an oracle node network for a network communication application and a decentralized finance (DeFi) application for a tentative launch in 2020.

The full QLC Chain AMA can be found at the link below: