QLC Chain, a public blockchain for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), has released an open letter to the public, announced an infographic competition, and is hosting a hackathon through September 23rd.

In the open letter to the community, chief architect, Allen Lee, highlighted QLC Chain’s dual token model and the purpose of the QLC token in the ecosystem. QLC is a NEP-5 token newly integrated into an interoperable cross-chain protocol between NEO and QLC’s MainNet. When users stake a NEP-5 QLC token, they receive Go-QLC MainNet QGAS as rewards.

Lee describes how QLC is used to guarantee service-level agreements (SLA) for network, storage, and CPU power. For example, Lee states, “the computational security that a POW node can provide is measured by the amount of QLC staked.”

Further, individuals can use QLC tokens when submitting proposals on governance and token economy issues.

The full letter to the community can be found in the link below:

Second anniversary infographic competition

To celebrate its upcoming two-year anniversary on October 2nd, QLC Chain is hosting a “milestone infographic design competition.” Interested participants have creative freedom to design an infographic that “represents the vision of QLC Chain.” There is one prerequisite: each submission must include the more than 40 milestones listed in the announcement.

First-place will receive 5,000 QLC, and two honorable mentions will receive 1,500 QLC each.

The competition is running from August 24th through the 31st. To submit a design, participants can send entries to yourpartner@qlcchain.org.

The full announcement can be found at the link below:


In May, QLC Chain announced a partnership with Opacity, a decentralized storage service “dedicated to online data privacy and security.” The partnership aims to explore second layer solutions based on QLC Chain and use Opacity as a backup storage service for QLC Chain’s Confidant.

The two have announced a joint hackathon that will focus on two tracks for the “new generation [of] communication and storage,” each with the following question:

1. Bridging Confidant accounts with Opacity

Confidant has 20G free storage for each account holder. How would a user access Opacity Storage when using Confidant in messaging, upload files, photos, videos, and store the emails?

2. Bridging Confidant station storage with Opacity

A Confidant Station can extend up to 2TB of hardware storage. How can an owner allocate some spare space to lend to Opacity users or other Confidant users?

The first place winner will receive 200,000 QLC and 95,000 OPQ. The runner up will receive 50,000 QLC and 30,000 OPQ.

The hackathon will run from August 2nd to Monday, September 23rd.

Registration for the hackathon can be found at the link below:

Looking Forward

QLC Chain will participate in the eighth English-based NEO LIVE event on Thursday, September 12th. NEO LIVE is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) style community event that takes place on the official NEO Telegram channel.

Additionally, QLC Chain aims to release QDEX v1.0 in September. Following, the team aims to focus on activating QLC Chain miner nodes, add more protocol support in the Q-Wallet, and incorporate QGAS support on Ledger.