QLC Chain has released its bi-weekly report for the second half of October, which includes progress achieved, goals for November, events attended, and media coverage. QLC Chain is an open source Network as a Service (NaaS) blockchain that applies a virtual machine to manage and support its integrated smart contracts.

On October 10th, QLC Chain launched a multidimensional block lattice structure on its TestNet, and has received valuable input from users as to where improvements can be implemented. In October, the development team has applied a ledger persistence interface and conducted performance testing, completed p2p TCP connection pool management, incorporated a LAN discovery function, and completed VM linear memory management.

Looking forward to the month of November, the QLC Chain development team aims to enact a ledger business interface, conduct a p2p user datagram protocol (UDP) performance test, implement a node communication protocol, and incorporate a VM smart contract API debugger.

QLC Chain alsoattended the East West Cryptobridge conference, where Susan Zhou, COO of QLC Chain, was on a panel which discussed “identifying international investment trends and market opportunities in crypto assets and DLT.” Allen Li, the chief architect of QLC Chain, attended the 6th China Enterprise Mobile Information Industry Applications Conference (CMIA) and delivered the keynote speech titled “The Trusted Communications Network on the Blockchain.”

Lastly, Susan Zhou participated on Rock the Block Live, a live talk show that covers trending news of the week, to discuss “how individuals and businesses can monetize redundant network resources.”

More information about QLC Chain can be found at the links below.