QLC Chain has announced the launch of its “COVID-19 fighter bounty,” which aims to reward QWallet users for using the live updates page and practicing social distancing. As part of the fighter bounty, there are two tracts: a daily QGAS giveaway and a two-week-long social distancing bounty.

The daily QGAS bounty requires users to check the COVID-19 live updates page included within the mobile app. To claim the QGAS, participants must visit the live updates page at least once a day. The amount of QGAS distributed is equivalent to that of 100 QLC staked, which is approximately 0.0996 QGAS per day. Each day the participant checks the COVID-19 live updates page, they will be entitled QGAS distributions that are equivalent to 100 QLC tokens staked.

The social distancing bounty requires users to visit the COVID-19 live updates page daily for 14 days consecutively, as well as record less than 1,000 steps per day. QLC Chain notes daily step data is extracted from user health data that is managed by Android and iOS mobile phones. After the social distancing bounty concludes, participants who met the check-in and movement requirements will be able to claim 100 QLC tokens for staking.

The fighter bounty is the second initiative QLC Chain has integrated in response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. In February 2020, the team integrated the itinerary check to “track the movement of subscribers and share trusted travel records without disclosing any private data.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: