QLC Chain and DWS, a decentralized Wi-Fi sharing blockchain-based ecosystem, have announced a technological partnership. DWS will leverage several technical and community aspects of the QLC Chain ecosystem. DWS provides the ability for Wi-Fi router owners to share access to their network, guest users to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, and advertisement opportunities through the previous two venues.

DWS is will be built on top of the NEO blockchain, and places a high importance on digital identity as a core component of its system. DWS aims to utilize NEO’s native identity layer, NeoID, for the development of its own identity system. Users of the service can opt to interface with those that have confirmed digital identities to minimize interactions with malfeasant actors.

Business models on the DWS ecosystem will be based on transactions made with its utility token, DWS. The DWS protocol establishes an infrastructure that bills based on consumed data, rather than the length of time a user is connected to a network.

Through the partnership with DWS, QLC Chain will provide its network management features, such as the decentralized name resolution protocol, billing protocol, decentralized firewall protocol, and decentralized search protocol.

In addition to its partnership with QLC Chain, DWS has also partnered with NEO, Ontology, and Swift Wi-Fi.

For more information about DWS visit their website, or whitepaper.

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