In September of 2018, QLC Chain released its proposal for a community governance solution. QLC Chain has opted to develop community-oriented governance to “encourage and enable QLC holders and community members to have a deeper engagement with the project for the future healthy growth.”

Following the launch of the QLC Chain TestNet, previously covered by NEO News Today, the development team has updated its community voting program. In the next round of community voting, users who vote in the majority will be rewarded with 3 points. When the voting round concludes, QLC Chain will rank the scores and deliver rewards to users based on their accumulated scores.

QLC Chain has divided its blockchain governance structure into two functions (or categories): technical and social. Technical governance will be made up of operators and developers, and the QLC Chain TestNet code will be offered to developer communities who seek to contribute ideas. Social governance will be comprised of individuals who “coordinate nodes, influence the agenda of developers, community [members], and more.”

In its community governance program proposal, QLC Chain has created a program they believe to be “the industry’s current best practices,” which can be seen in the previous link. To date, four rounds of voting have been successfully conducted.

Moving forward, the team will continue to refine its governance process. Issues of focus will include “maintaining the legitimacy of the governance, determining who gets to vote, the weight of each stakeholder and voters, and legitimizing decisions made.”

For individuals with comments and suggestions on how to improve the QLC Chain governance, they’re invited to post on the QLC Chain Reddit page.

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