Qlink is ready to launch version 1.1.0 of their VPN and WiFi sharing application dApp in the Android app store. As part of the launch, the Qlink team is looking for local ambassadors and influencers to help boost the Qlink asset registration and user base around the world. 

Qlink is aiming to accumulate 100,000 users worldwide within the first 3 months of the dApp launch, with a long term goal of achieving global availability. Qlink is looking for project enthusiasts across the globe, but especially those based in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, US, Netherlands, UK, Australia, and Germany. These enthusiasts will be deeply engaged in the pre-launch and global online rollout of the 1.1.0 dApp.

City ambassadors are tasked with driving local adoption and comes with a number of responsibilities. The ambassador will be responsible for engaging their local community and expanding the Qlink registered Wi-Fi hotspots and VPN server registered assets. The ambassador will also be required to reach out to small business owners who could be targeted Wi-Fi and VPN service providers. The ambassador’s goal is to grow the dApp user base and expand the adoption among customers and small business owners. They will also need to retain users through activities, meetups, campaigns, programs, roadshows, and remarketing tactics.

Qlink will offer support to any engagement activities ambassadors may choose to run, and will provide rewards in QLC or any other acceptable payment. 

Those interested in participating can sign up here, or contact the team at dido@qlink.mobi.

To learn more about Qlink you can visit their website, or join their communities via Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, or YouTube.

By Chase Cook