Qlink held an AMA on the NEO subreddit today in which they announced the details of a new project to be built on NEO. Qlink are building the world’s first decentralised mobile network, aiming to create P2P WiFi network sharing and lower costs on data consumption, enable quicker content distribution, create new revenue channels other than data, and establish a new data clearing platform among carriers.

Qlink will be running an ICO on both NEO, and Ethereum, generating both a NEP5 and ERC20 token. Token holders will have access to free WiFi and free data for specific content, receive a share in profits from mobile network users and also receive profits from a mining power pool embedded in Qlink’s base station.

According to Allen Li and the AMA, NEO are also supporting Qlink as they develop their own public chain suitable for telecom services, so that it will be able to communicate with the NEO blockchain through NEO’s cross chain protocol. The Qlink chain will store information such as user billing data and crypto tracking records, whilst NeoContract will be utilised on the NEO blockchain to register infrastructure assets such as WiFi hotspots, routers, wireless base stations, and their topology.

The core team behind Qlink come from YouYou Mobile, a WiFi service that covers over 100 countries. YouYou Mobile has served over 6 million travel customers and partnered with over 40 telecom carriers world wide. YouYou Mobile will be the first partner of Qlink, allowing users to tap into the Qlink network.

Allen Li, Qlink CEO and Founder & CEO of YouYou Mobile also has 7 years’ experience working at Huawei Technologies on Wireless technology.

Qlink originally began building their dApp on Ethereum, but found NEO offered lower transaction fees and that the TPS capacity was more suitable for public chain use within the telecom industry. Qlink will finish developing the dApp on Ethereum, at which time it will be moved onto the Qlink chain.

You can read more about Qlink on their website, http://qlink.mobi/f/qlink/en_index or follow them on Twitter @QlinkMobi

You can read the AMA questions and answers below or visit the thread here.


dreit1: What does this actually have to do with NEO? As I understand it, you’re planning on building on QTUM blockchain so whats the relation, commercial agreement and codevelopment plan is too vague.

xiaoyux : Actually, we will use NEO’s smart contract on NEO chain at the beginning and at the same time our engineer work together to develop public chain for telecom industry. because of history reason, we will continue current develop DApp on ether and move it to our public chain in next year.

dreit1: Thanks for the response
So what will the initial smart contracts on the NEO blockchain entail. Will it be solely for ICO or will there be a functional component on there before developing your own chain.
Why is there need to develop your own public chain if you plan on using NEO?

xiaoyux: hi, we divide the mobile networks into two parts on blockchain. one is the infrastructure part, the other is service part. for infrastructure, we will store it on neo chain ,and the service part including billing data and content track record will be stored on qlink chain. so we don’t use neo’s only for ICO but for functional component.

Atomic_ghost1: Hi Allen! Thanks for doing this!
Can you go into more detail about how you intend qlink to function with the neo blockchain?
What platform do you think has been the best to work with so far and why is it Neo?

xiaoyux: thanks for your support first of all. we intend qlink to function with Neo blockchain in two steps: first is the Neo’s smart contract deployment, second is we develop public chain with Neo’s engineer to support the cross chain protocol between Neo. Neo is the first public blockchain. currently we think Neo is better choice for Qlink to consider as Neo’s ecosystem and transaction capacity are excellent; NEO also has a strong developer team.

dustyaus: I think one of the most interesting things about the Qlink project is the foundation you have in YouYou Mobile. Will Qlink be tapping into the existing user base you’ve built up through YouYou Mobile, or will the two entities be completely independent from one another?

xiaoyux: haha, yes, for Qlink we have user foundation to landing our DApp. and youyou mobile will be first partner of Qlink mobile network. that means youyou mobile users will be tapping into qlink. but from law view, youyou mobile and qlink is independent entity.

miloandweatbix: As I understand it you are using ethereum, qtum and neo and you started with ethereum as you were not aware of neo’s abilities. What are the main benefits of neo’s platform over the other platforms for your project?

Qlink_mobi: Neo’s ecosystem and transaction capacity are excellent; NEO also has a strong developer team. Our goal is to build a decentralized mobile network including wifi network, LTE base station, router, billing and supporting system, which requires larger capacity

xiaoyux: yes, we are proceeding the multi chain mode at this stage. I think neo’s advantage compared with other public chain is: first the pbft consensus is suitable to the asset store, second cost and transaction capacity is the key point for DApp when using public chain, third is community and technical support for us. these advantage is accumulated by neo

jjyoung16: I second Badeindi’s post that you should make it obvious that you are working with NEO. I also want to know if you are going to run an ICO and if so what platform you’ll be using?

Qlink_mobi: Yes An ICO is under schedule by deploying smart contract on NEO.

NeoAntshares88: Excellent news for Neo…any plans for an ICO? If so please state when that would happen?

Qlink_mobi: Stay with us, a timeline will be confirmed very soon.

Arco91: First of all thank you, very interested to hear more about this!
What kind of strategic partnership did you form with NEO? If you plan to launch on QTUM what role does NEO play? Also you talk about a commercial agreement and co-developing plan, what exactly does that mean?

Qlink_mobi: Thank you for you support, NEO is our investor and we will develop a Telecom industry focused public chain together.

xiaoyux: Thanks for you support, NEO is our investor and we will develop public chain together supporting cross chain protocol with neo. and for qtum, we are testing them. Qlink is looking for the public chain suitable to telecom industry. that will be achieved by qlink and neo together.

miloandweatbix: You have stated that eventually you want to set up your own mainnet and that neo council devs will be helping you with that. What is the incentive for the neo council help you with this?

Qlink_mobi: Actually, Qlink mainnet supports the crosschain protocol with neo chain, and at the sametime, qlink mainnet will store the qlink user’s billing information for traffic and SMS, the wifi and basestation assets will be stored on neo chain.

boypunas: is this another one of those whitepaper ICO’s ? do you have a working product?

xiaoyux: no, qlink just have one ICO, not another, the product is under developing and testing, you can follow us progress through GitHub. 🙂

CholoCholino: where is the team based ? a decentralized communicaion system could possibly face some legal/govt resistance any comments on this issue?

Qlink_mobi: Qlink is registered as a non-profit organization in Singapore and set our headquarter there. The team members spread out in Singapore, Hong Kong, China.

pho_tai: What is benefit of Qlink token holder? Also who are partners now? What are revenue of company pass years?

xiaoyux: Qlink token holders have three benefits: one is that holders can use free wifi and free data plan for specific content. two is holders can get profits from mobile network users, three is holder can get profits from mining power pool embedded in qlink base station. we have gained 120 million CNY last year.

R0ugeTrader: Hi, Can you tell me more? I did find a little @ https://medium.com/@Qlink/introduction-of-qlink-2383485117f

Found this link also http://www.qlink.mobi/f/qlink/en_index

Qlink_mobi: Stay tuned, our whitepaper will be published containing technical details and business explainations. Our blog is also updating regularly with our developement progress

drkenpoleninja: How does this compare to substratum? I know they are focused on a decentralized internet, but it does have crossover into mobile. Any thoughts on this?

xiaoyux: hi, I hear of substratum first, I think the most difference is that we are building decentralized mobile network even including base station. these is not the application level but more infrastructure. you know telecom network is foundation of internet.

Jonatanblockchain: How much Qlink is related (in Technology/Vision) to FON? If its related, a partnership with FON could be nice, Martin Varsavsky always has been very open minded to new technologies and he might be interested in blockchain.

xiaoyux: are you familiar with FON? haha, I know FON when they start their business. yes we are very glad to have a collaboration with FON, but our advantage is more light compared with FOM business model. if you can introduce Martin to us, that is very appreciated. don’t hesitate to call me if you want proceed the idea.

StupZeR: How can we connect and use qlink, do you need an sim card from qlink ? And how are you going to do the crowd founded base stations?

xiaoyux: you can download qlink DApp on your smartphone. and access global wifi, DIY your own data plan and build your own mobile network with qlink basestation: for qlink wifi service and data plan, SIM card is not needed. but for qlink basestation in next year, qlink SIMs is needed.

Qlink is developing our small basestation embedded with the mining power such as ETH and Zcash. this product can sold to users directly and users can build their own mobile network. qlink base station comply with LTE-U protocol.

omnisys: 1) Will Qlink partner exclusively with NEO? Or will it be NEO + ETH only or NEO + ETH + maybe QTUM?
2) What are Qlink’s full product range? It writes decentralised mobile network, but what do you guys define under that term? For example, will there be 4G Mobile Sim cards in certain countries that supports voicecalls etc? For these products, which countries will support them?

xiaoyux: currently qlink is under the multi chain development mode. so it is NEO + ETH + maybe others. qlink product including wifi service , data plan such as SMS and traffic. actually qlink may issue own sim cards one day to support qlink service. currently our virtual sim technology support all the GSM and LTE mode in world.
decentralized network including three aspects: one is decentralized deployment of network , second is decentralized billing of users, third is decentralized operation mode for base station.

omnisys: 1) Please elaborate on data plan such as SMS and traffic. Does it mean mean that if I have Qlink app on my phone, I can send SMS and have data roaming from anywhere?
2) Since Qlink currently does not have any SIM cards, when will the day actually come? Which quarter of the year?
3) Currently there is virtual Sim? Am I able to try to see how it works? If so, how? Will these virtual Sim technology perform exactly like a normal Sim card, where I can make calls, send/receive SMS & data?

xiaoyux: question 1: if you have qlink app on you smartphone, you can gain token through sharing your SMS plan and consuming specific digital content. for roaming scenarios , we have virtual SIM technology embedded mobile wifi. question 2:qlink service is provided without SIM first in wifi and DIY plan scenarios. when we launch our base station, users can share LTE-U cell to others, Qlink will issue our SIMs Question 3:we have mature virtual sim technology and operated it for 3year with mobile wifi. can you give me your email and I send some doc to you for more detail of virtual sims.

vermiiiion: What are your thoughts on the impact of decentralised networks on the global economy if they become widely adopted? It’s a revolutionary tech, so are there any unprecedented impacts that the general community may not know of?

xiaoyux: yeah, if qlink become widely adopted, I think the mobile network service will be more security more cheaper and more efficiency compared with current mobile network operation.
we think blockchain technology is the two sides of coin. blockchain will change the telecom industry, but we need to prevent from the energy wasting and speculate.

weisumyungho: Is this being done for qtum and neo ?
Thanks for doing this!

xiaoyux: currently we are doing for ETH and NEO. qtum is just under testing.

parastekade: Is neo Dev are in qlink team??

xiaoyux: we work together for the cross chain protocol. but currently not in qlink team,

TheJ1ub: How many customers does Qlink has? Do you have any revenue?

xiaoyux: yes, Qlink have 4 millions users in Asia. youyou mobile gained 120 million CNY last year and will be first customer of qlink network.

parastekade: What will be supply and how will u use qlink token … ?

xiaoyux: if you use your smartphone to share wifi password, send SMS and consume specific digital content with qlink DApp, you will gain qlink tokens. and with qlink tokens, you can access global wifi, using free 4G data plan. and join qlink mining pool to mine ETH Zcash etc.

daysinhk: @parastekade Can you be specific, supply for what?

parastekade: What will be total supply of qlink tokens?

daysinhk: We will announce token plan soon, please bear with us. Thanks.

Lebruuuuun: How does Qlink make money ?

daysinhk: We are registered as non-profitable foundation, our agenda is to grow the community and to solve the problem and achieve the greater benefit through most cost-efficient way. Qlink will be sustainable without directly making money.

Takumi3k: Are you going to use NEO for ICO?

xiaoyux: yes

Sarry2525: Is there a Japanese white paper?

xiaoyux: under preparing, we will release when it is ready. are you from japan?

BoomaNZ: Hi, how do you plan to ICO if they are banned in China ? Will it be for licenced investors only ? Will your ICO be on NEO or ETH ?

xiaoyux: In ICO procedure, we don’t accept Chinese investor. all the accepted investor need finish KYC process and Qlink ICO will be on NEO and ETH.

CholoCholino: How is the value of Qlink token captured? What are the benefits for investors. Can you give me some reasons why it is worth for an investor to invest in Qlink?

xiaoyux: Qlink token have its value from three aspects: 1 Qlink token holder can access wifi and free data plan for specific digital content 2 Qlink token holder can get profit from the mobile network sharing 3 Qlink token holder can use qlink basestation to get profit from mining ETH and Zcash.

CholoCholino: Is Qlink a securitie token and will it get listed on popular exchanges?

xiaoyux: no, Qlink is not a securitie token. we invite lawyer to make sure it. Qlink will get listed the hitbtc, etherdelta at phase 1. After that Qlink will develop more than 10 thousands users in future 6 months. with these users, qlink can be got listed on any exchanges.

CholoCholino: Is the Qlinktokensvalue connect to the success of the company? If yes in what way?

xiaoyux: haha, I think we should clarify the success of company first? we want to do something to change the telecom industry. make it more security more cheaper and more efficiency. I think qlinktokenvalue is necessary. but it is not all.