Quarteria, a blockchain real estate platform built on NEO, has announced the release of an updated beta. The Quarteria listing service is now integrated with its smart contract, and the first properties have been uploaded to the platform.

You can view the beta of the Quarteria application here.

In a separate announcement, it’s claimed that Quarteria has partnered with Sharering, a decentralized sharing marketplace that brings together services across all industries all geographies.

The partnership will allow people to rent properties listed on Quarteria through Sharering’s database, paid using the Sharering token.

Quarteria is a decentralized platform built on NEO and powered by its XQTA token. There are three layers to the platform: buyers, sellers, and QuartMasters. Buyers use the network to find properties using tokens, while sellers use the platform to advertise properties that are up for lease or sale. QuartMasters review each transaction on the network and work as a decentralized third party for its escrow service. Using this model, Quarteria intends to lower the fees associated with listings in the international property market.

More information on Quarteria can be found at the links below.