Red Pulse, a NEO based Hong Kong-based market intelligence platform has published its latest development report. Recent updates include numerous quality of life improvements claimed to be requested by clients. The platform’s UI was also optimized along with bug fixes and improving the My Workspace module for content contributors.

Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform for Chinese markets. Contributors can join the platform through Red Pulse Phoenix to share research and insights on Chinese companies, sectors, events, and macro economies. Rewards for high-quality content are distributed to contributors in the platform’s native PHX token.

Two of the most notable updates in the report were the inclusion of government and regulatory disclosures on the platform’s “Intellifeeds” feature as well as the addition of custom newsletters.

Intellifeeds allows users to tag different content streams with distinct taxonomies. Users can then follow the content that’s the most relevant to their business, for example by size and industry. Users can now choose to monitor government and regulatory disclosures and receive push updates upon addition of new content to the stream.

The platform’s custom newsletter allows users to curate a watchlist of content based targeted criteria; such as by company, sector, topic, and people. Custom newsletters can then be delivered automatically to the user’s email or generated manuallly.

The full report can be read at the below link: