Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform based on NEO, has made a series of announcements in its bi-weekly report, May 28th. The team indicated that the platform is 5 weeks ahead of schedule in its development to improve user experience and has added a number of new features.

The features include a new design and automated tagging system to improve its ease of use. Also, a new internal workflow board was added along with a boost to system performance. It’s claimed that the new features will help improve productivity for research analysts. These were added alongside a change to a Python and Django based system, which will allow future integrations with outside blockchain and RPX systems.

As part of the announcements, the Red Pulse team stated that they attended two events in central Asia with another planned in June. Red Pulse CEO, Johnathan Ha, attended the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan on May 17. At the event, Ha spoke on the panel about new financial systems and platforms.

Red Pulse attended another event in China, at the Reach China Investment Conference in Shanghai, May 22. There, head of data, Stanley Chao, discussed the state of China’s capital and investment markets and how they could change in future.

Finally, Red Pulse will attend the Digital Wealth Forum Asia that will be held in Singapore, June 21. Stanley Chao will join the panel discussion named “Demystifying all the hype.”

You can find more details about the upcoming event here.

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