A misunderstanding of the method of calculating contribution times in the recent Red Pulse ICO left some participants frustrated after they executed transactions that were ineligible to receive RPX. Believing the second hour of the ICO had begun, in which the 27 NEO contribution limit would be lifted to 1,352, investors sent NEO tokens to the ICO contract during block 1,445,025, later to find out the cap was not lifted until block 1,445,026. NEO token contributions higher than 27 during this block had to be refunded.

Red Pulse worked quickly to refund all NEO tokens to users who did not receive RPX, and in a move to further smooth thing over with the community, Red Pulse have announced they are airdropping one months worth of GAS generated by the 405,844 NEO tokens raised during the ICO to block 1,445,025 contributors.

Red Pulse CEO Jonathan Ha, made the following statement on the Red Pulse Reddit.


We are aware that many participants in our RPX sale attempted to execute a transaction in order to participate in the second hour of the sale, with a higher cap. Unfortunately, many of these transactions fell into block 1,445,025, which had started prior to 2200 HKT, and was not accepted for the second period.

I apologize for this experience, and we would like to offer Block 1,445,025 participants a gift airdrop of GAS generated from Red Pulse’s own 405,844 NEO that was raised from the RPX sale, for a period of 1 month since the close of the RPX sale on October 8, 2017. The airdrops will be proportional to the amount transferred by each individual address, and will occur on Sundays, at approximately the same time that our RPX sale initiated. The dates of the airdrops are:

– Airdrop 1: Sunday, October 15, 2017
– Airdrop 2: Sunday, October 22, 2017
– Airdrop 3: Sunday, October 29, 2017
– Airdrop 4: Sunday, November 5, 2017

The airdrops will come from NEO address: ANFqwASLDLHeyz4PK4e37qCzsEb4dxZmAb

To calculate how much GAS may be generated, please refer to www.neotogas.com. Note however, that this is merely an estimate, and may deviate from the actual GAS generated during the above time periods.

Also note that we will provide GAS airdrops only to those individuals that have previously submitted KYC information and also submitted a valid RPX Purchase Agreement (link below). There is no need to submit again, if you have already done so. https://coin.red-pulse.com/rpx-pa-1082017/

Thank you for your continued support of Red Pulse.

Happy Friday, Jonathan Ha Founder & CEO, Red Pulse

Link –¬†https://www.reddit.com/r/RedPulseToken/comments/765368/rpx_sale_gas_airdrop_for_block_1445025/