Red Pulse have announced a partnership with Neon Exchange (NEX) that will see RPX be the first NEP-5 token added to the decentralized exchange platform.

Neon Exchange will use an off chain matching engine to enable faster and more complex trades than existing decentralized exchange solutions. NEX are also placing a large emphasis on user experience in an effort to simplify the process of purchasing and trading cryptocurrency. To this end, NEX will be providing decentralized fiat gateways to enable familiar ‘bank like’ transactions for the easy purchase of cryptocurrency.

Red Pulse, which will be a Steemit-like platform, uses it’s own RPX token to enable an open sharing economy for financial and market research. RPX will be utilized by users to vote up, reward, and request certain types of market research, helping them filter out low quality or irrelevant content and solve the problem of information overload.

As the Red Pulse target market is largely comprised of finance professionals and industry experts, users are unlikely to be familiar with how to purchase and use cryptocurrencies. By integrating the NEX fiat gateway into the Red Pulse platform, users will be able to easily purchase RPX tokens with credit cards and withdraw fiat to bank accounts, without having to deal with learning curve associated with traditional methods.

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