Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform focused on delivering insights on China’s capital markets has announced the launch of Crypto Pulse.

Crypto Pulse joins Red Pulse PHOENIX’s suite of products and adds a ‘cloud-based knowledge network’ that connects research consumers with content producers. Once PHOENIX is live, Red Pulse claims that it will combine “machine learning, natural language processing, and blockchain technology to power a more efficient ecosystem for matching industry experts to clients looking for insights.”

About Crypto Pulse

Crypto Pulse is a content platform where contributors can post cryptocurrency-focused news, research, and analysis in exchange for earning Red Pulse PHX tokens. The team claims that users will be able to access “Signals, Pulses, and community contributed analysis, [and] insights in real time.”

According to the Red Pulse website, users can submit two kinds of content to the Red Pulse platform: Pulses and Insights. The platform defines Pulses as “news and announcements from cryptocurrency projects, coins and tokens.” Red Pulse defines insights as “opinion, analysis, essays, and research articles about cryptocurrency and blockchain.”

Contributors can submit Pulses and Insights (called notes) on a variety of subjects that can be either general or specific content niches. Some particular content niches include privacy coins and masternodes while the general niches range from technology and science to business news that relates to China’s cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

Registering to Crypto Pulse

Anyone can sign up and submit content to Crypto Pulse for consideration by the team’s editors. The registration process involves filling out one’s name, occupation, education details, and area of content specialization. Once done, users will receive an SMS confirmation message that must be submitted to complete the registration process.

Submitting content to Crypto Pulse

Users can submit contributions by clicking the “Contribute” button in the top right-hand corner of the Crypto Pulse website. From there, a CMS is presented that allows the user to start drafting.

There are two tiers of writers on the Crypto Pulse platform: Tier 1 and Tier 2. By default, all new writers start as Tier 2 writers and must meet at least 70% of the platform’s event note checklist for their content to be published. The event checklist denotes the rules of the Red Pulse platform and also provides stylistic guidelines.

Tier 2 writers have fewer privileges than their Tier 1 counterparts. For instance, there is no guaranteed editorial or translation process for Tier 2 content nor will it be included in the Red Pulse newsletters or uploaded to the platform’s financial terminals.

Changing tiers involves meeting stricter standards set out in the event note checklist, in addition to manual approval by Red Pulse staff.

In addition to the Open Format contributions, Red Pulse’s in-house staff and remote writers may also produce Event Notes. These are specifically focused on “impactful market events in China,” and adhere to specific standards in regards to objectivity, the scope of coverage, and adopt a more professional writing style.

Red Pulse notes that the event notes are mostly for its “paid institutional clients, but in future members of the platform may also apply to become event note writers.”

PHX Reward Structure

The announcement also offers details of the PHX reward structure. Approximately 180,000 PHX is scheduled to be disbursed daily from the reward pool to contributors. Authors are paid on the ratings and page views of their content, although the sum is also influenced by how many articles were created in total for that day.

Red Pulse notes that “the more you write and rate, the more credibility you would accumulate. Page views and ratings from high-credibility users of your articles would also increase the pay.”

Upon receiving PHX rewards, users can choose to spend, withdraw, or stake them as desired.