Red Pulse recently released a brief progress report, which highlights a series of updates from its development team. Red Pulse is a Steemit-like platform that uses it’s own PHX token to enable an open sharing economy for financial and market research. PHX is utilized by users to vote, reward, and request certain types of market research, which helps filter out low quality or irrelevant content and solve the problem of information overload.

Red Pulse states that is “nearing to fully open up our tokenized research platform for readers and contributors“. In an effort to expand its platform’s user base, the development team has implemented various new features on both its web and mobile applications.

Some key developments have included mobile application performance improvements; multi-language user interface (UI) and content machine translation; a transaction verification system for NEO blockchain integration; wallet and blockchain integrations, including staking, depositing, and withdrawal; plus more.

The full report can be found at the link below:

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