On April 15th, Red Pulse released its latest report, which covers development progress over the previous month along with Q1 reports for various major Chinese economic sectors.

The Red Pulse PHOENIX project is a market intelligence platform that aims to provide greater transparency into China’s opaque economy by connecting non-Chinese speaking clients with experts in China’s capital markets. Red Pulse uses its PHX token to “incentivize and compensate research producers for producing relevant and valuable research on China’s financial markets.” Additionally, its use of blockchain technology is claimed to reduce frictional costs as the platform scales while creating an immutable and verifiable record of content creation on the NEO blockchain.

Development Updates

Red Pulse reported that recent platform updates focused primarily on user experience improvements for both readers and content producers.

Some of these changes include:

  • Implementation of a new expanded and collapsed view of Market Insights
  • Full site-wide automated content translations
  • Addition of more filters to Market Insights and Intellifeeds
  • Fixing of an issue that prevented authors from being able to answer questions

The expanded and collapsed view of its Market Insights section (above) gives users the option to view only the title or a supplemental bite-sized portion of each market event report. This update, along with the addition of more filters to the Market Insights and Intellifeed sections, is designed to allow users to more easily customize how they consume information on the platform. Market Insights are user-generated content while Intellifeed provides “real-time, machine translated, market news content from thousands of local Chinese sources.”

In addition to the aforementioned technical updates, the Red Pulse Report mentioned the recent interview between NNT’s Colin Closser and Red Pulse CEO, Jonathan Ha.

Lastly, the report includes consolidated quarterly reports created by the Red Pulse team, available to free and premium users, on the following major sectors of the Chinese economy:

  • Technology & Internet
  • Finance Regulation
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Cyclicals
  • Consumer Non-Cyclicals
  • Telecom
  • Macroeconomy
  • Industrial
  • Energy
  • Basic Materials
  • Utilities

The full Red Pulse Report can be found at the below link:

Written by Josh Shepard