Red Pulse have announced they will be refunding the GAS generated by the NEO that needs to be returned to users as they work through the refund process.

Confusion regarding the start time of the second round of the RPX token sale caused some users send NEO to the ICO contract before they were eligible to receive tokens. These NEO tokens, along with tokens that were contributed after the hard cap of 405,884 had been met are being refunded manually by Red Pulse. Refunds have already begun.

The following email was sent to users waiting for a refund.

“We are continuing with our refund process, thank you for your patience. Many have asked about the GAS that is being generated while we hold your NEO. We will be returning this to you as well, as calculated by how much was generated over the past few days since the RPX sale. The GAS refund will take place after the NEO refund has completely finished.

For those that were unable to access the RPX Sale Purchase Agreement, we have put it back online here:

If you had trouble accessing or submitting the form earlier, please do so now.

Best regards, Jonathan Ha Founder & CEO, Red Pulse”