[UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 19TH 2017. The Red Pulse ICO has been rescheduled and now requires a different wallet for participation. The below information is no longer applicable.]

Red Pulse have posted directions on how to participate in the upcoming RPX ICO on September 10th at the following link – https://coin.red-pulse.com/neon-wallet-instructions/

Despite only providing instructions on how to send NEO via the NEON wallet, Red Pulse have indicated via Twitter than any wallet found at https://neo.org/download is suitable for use.

These wallets include the Android Wallet, the NEO-CLI and NEO-GUI desktop wallets, and the neotracker.io, neowallet.cn and otcgo.cn web wallets.

Do not send NEO from an exchange wallet.

To participate in the RPX ICO, users must first be approved by filling out the Red Pulse KYC form by September 7th. The token sale is not open to United States, mainland China, or Singapore citizens.