Ryu Coin, a United States-based blockchain company offering wagering for players of mobile games, has announced a rebranding to Ryu Games. Speaking to NEO News Today, Ryu Games CEO Ross Krasner stated, “The rebrand from Ryu Coin to Ryu Games takes the focus off of our coin and onto the games themselves.”

Krasner also stated, “We’ve been thrilled by the support by both the NEO and Ontology community,” and that Ryu Games’ current focus is to deliver a “scalable product for game developers.”

Ontology Blockchain

Krasner and Ryu Games CTO Wyatt Mufson also gave NEO News Today a rundown of the company’s latest developments. The project has relocated to San Francisco following months of “working closely’ with Japan’s O3 Labs in Asia.

Additionally, Ryu Games has migrated to the Ontology blockchain. When asked about this move away from NEO, Mufson noted Ontology’s “quick block time” and explained further, “With Ontology, we can pay gas fees on behalf of our users without needing their private keys. This expands our potential user base from the Ontology community, to everyone with a phone.”

Mufson also elaborated on his goal of a seamless gaming experience, saying that users “won’t be interrupted by the blockchain technology in our games, in fact, if we didn’t tell them it was blockchain they wouldn’t notice.”

Finally, Krasner added that the Ryu Games team “enjoyed meeting and working with Ontology’s business and technical staff as well as the growing developer community.” He stated that although the Ryu Games team did not receive funding from Ontology for the move, they are receiving technical support from Ontology, and the team is “looking to apply” to its dApp incentive program.