Senno, a blockchain sentiment analysis platform, has joined an acceleration program run by Energy Australia, one of the Australia’s largest electricity and gas retailing companies.

The accelerator program, which was originally launched in August through the company’s Startupbootcamp event announced its results on December 5th, with Senno joining as one of its selected projects. The accelerator program will run from January 14th to April 16th in Melbourne, Australia.

It’s claimed that the program received over 650 applications in 28 cities across four continents. Founders like Senno CEO Lennon Tam met with over a hundred “industry experts, mentors and partners” at an event to present their business cases for incubation, which was held over two days in Melbourne.

A video of Senno’s inclusion in the accelerator can be watched here.

At the end of the announcement, Senno remarked on the impact of being part of the program and what it will mean for the platform moving forward: ”we are happy and excited about this great opportunity to meet investors, make new partnerships and enhance our dev.”