Spotcoin has announced it will launch its exchange earlier than expected, which is now tentatively planned to open as soon as mid-December of 2018. Spotcoin is a Georgia-based digital currency exchange, OTC marketplace, cryptocurrency mining operation and payment service.

The mid-December exchange launch would occur one year in advance of Spotcoin’s original roadmap, as it was initially planned to be released in Q4 of 2019. Tim Gick, CEO of Spotcoin, said “the exchange is central to our success. The early launch proves we are keeping our promises and living up to our own high standards.”

Prior to the targeted mid-December beta launch, Spotcoin will run a closed, controlled alpha test of its exchange. Following the alpha test, Spotcoin will open registration for users to begin buying, selling, and trading SPOT tokens when the exchange is live.

When the exchange platform launches, Spotcoin’s dividend program will begin immediately, which entails payouts to token holders. SPOT token holders will receive 51% of total exchange fees, distributed proportionally based on the number of SPOT tokens held.

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