StackOS will be the official decentralized cloud provider for Neo Hackathon 2021, scheduled for this summer. This results from a strategic partnership established by Neo and StackOS. On the partnership, Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei said:

The hackathon will introduce developers worldwide to StackOS with a Neo N3 node integrated for the event, and all applications built during the event will be deployed on the decentralized cloud of StackOS.

StackOS is an open-source infrastructure protocol where individuals collectively offer computing resources to establish a decentralized cloud. Users can deploy full-stack applications, dApps, blockchain PrivateNets, and MainNet nodes on this decentralized cloud. To claim memory, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth on the StackOS decentralized cloud, users stake STACK, NEO, and GAS, among other tokens.

Using StackOS, developers can write applications, bundle them as docker images, then deploy them on TestNet. StackOS states it will natively integrate with NeoFS as a decentralized file storage network. Further, StackOS states its native STACK token will be interoperable on the Neo blockchain.

Both Neo Global Development and Neo Global Capital are investors in the platform. Da noted:

We welcome the addition of StackOS to the family of successful Neo incubated projects, which will also add value to the Neo ecosystem, enabling community developers to deploy applications in minutes on the decentralized cloud. This will make deploying applications anonymous, secure, cheaper, and resistant to DDOS attacks.

Looking forward, Neo will share more information about the upcoming hackathon.

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