Swisscom Blockchain has released a video talking about its self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework for Neo, Seraph ID.

Seraph ID, Swisscom Blockchain’s open-source framework for SSI on Neo, was released in July, 2019, offering Neo dApp developers a reference implementation and SDK for building digital identity services into their own projects.

In the video, the team introduces the concept of SSI, which could provide users with privacy and control over their data. SSI can also help prevent the damage dealt to users in data breaches by limiting the amount of data a user needs to share with a service provider in order to validate a particular claim.

Moving forward, the team also highlights its current efforts to build a reference wallet implementation that aims to give every user the ability to use digital identity on Neo. Additionally, particular emphasis was placed on the team’s ambition to see Neo developers start using Seraph ID in their projects, which may provide new benefits for end users alongside the introduction of new use cases.

Those looking to learn more about the framework, contribute to the repositories, or start building with SSI on Neo are encouraged to visit the Seraph ID website.