Switcheo and O3 Labs have announced a partnership that will allow for users to log in and make trades on the Switcheo Exchange directly from their O3 mobile wallet. Switcheo and O3 recently presented together at a number of events in Japan including at the Token Sky Blockchain Conference and Keio University.

Switcheo will be the first application to integrate with O3’s upcoming dApp browser. First teased in its June monthly report, the browser will include a framework that allows dApps to communicate directly with the O3 wallet and request signatures for transactions. This is part of O3’s vision to become “a gateway that provides access to the smart economy.”

In addition, O3 Labs has also recently made various other product upgrades, such as support of the Ontology MainNet, verified addresses, and implementation of NEP-9 functionality to enable QR codes and payments, as well as announcing its first exclusive airdrop in partnership with Alchemint.

Apisit Toompakdee, co-founder of O3 Labs told NEO News Today:

“We had a chance to meet with the Switcheo Team while they were in Tokyo to continue our conversation about the integration. We are excited about what the Switcheo Team has built and is building. This integration will enable our users to log in to Switcheo and trade directly from their mobile wallet, fullfilling many support requests we have received from our users. We are glad to partner with a like-minded company like Switcheo. We always strive to provide our users the best user experience and our partnership and collaboration with Switcheo is part of that.

As O3 continues to expand our product and service range, we look to implement features that really let users get a feel of the Smart Economy. By building a dApp platform/browser we will enable O3 users to interact with existing and upcoming decentralized applications (dApps) on the NEO blockchain directly from the app. This will also make it easier for developers who want to build decentralized applications to integrate and get people to use their dApp, hopefully increasing adoption and use of the Smart Economy as a whole.”

Switcheo currently lists 19 NEP-5 tokens and is “focused on delivering an intuitive trading experience with minimal fees, without compromising the benefits of having complete control and custody of users’ funds at all times through a trustless and decentralized trading environment.” It aims to become the first cross chain decentralized exchange and plans to support QTUM, Ethereum, and potentially Zilliqa and EOS tokens in the future.

Switcheo is soon to release its v2 exchange, which will include new trading APIs, instant trade confirmations and a mobile UI.

In a statement released by Switcheo, it said: “Delivering a seamless trading experience and ensuring the security of our users’ funds have always been the priority of Switcheo Network. We are glad to partner with like-minded company such as O3, which will help us in providing these benefits to our users.”

More information on O3 Labs and Switcheo can be found at the links below.