Switcheo has announced a trading competition with Bridge Protocol. The incentive is designed to celebrate the release of Switcheo Exchange V2, and is the second trading competition to be announced, with the first being a collaboration with Travala.

Participants stand to win prizes by trading Bridge’s TOLL tokens from the 17th to 26th of August. The winners will be selected based on their total trade volume, with a 1,000,000 TOLL prize pool up for grabs.

The incentive will be broken down as follows:

  • First place: 300,000 TOLL
  • Second place: 200,000 TOLL
  • Third place: 100,000 TOLL
  • Fourth to tenth place: shares from a pool of 400,000 TOLL

Participants can register for the event via the sign up link here.

Some ground rules for the event have also been released. Only orders that have been fulfilled within the event period will count towards the participant’s total trade volume. Also, acts of manipulative trading, such as wash trades will be invalid.

Switcheo has recently launched its V2 exchange, which features enhancements such as instantaneous trading, public trading API’s, and improved withdrawals and deposits.

Bridge Protocol aims to create a secure digital identity solution that verifies a user’s ID to a public address without the need to store sensitive information.

More information on Bridge and Switcheo can be found at the links below.