Switcheo has announced that it is now hosted on the IPFS peer-to-peer distributed file storage platform in conjunction with an Unstoppable Domains partnership.

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) aims to address the current constraints of centralized client-servers and the modern HTTP protocol. Much like torrents, IPFS shares stored information on multiple nodes, which removes issues of centralized entities shutting down servers or eliminating the ability for particular users to access its services. Additionally, IPFS is interoperable with smart contracts and blockchain data.

Switcheo said that by hosting its exchange on IPFS “it is accessible to everyone in the world without any restrictions.”

In order to access Switcheo Exchange via IPFS, users must install the Unstoppable Domains Google Chrome extension or the Opera mobile app and visit Switcheo.Crypto.

Free .crypto domain giveaway

Additionally, Switcheo and Unstoppable Domains are hosting a 72-hour .crypto domain giveaway, which will run through Friday, May 1st.

To claim a domain, users must first join the Switcheo Network [Official] Telegram channel to be added to a whitelist. Once this is complete, the user must message the UnstoppableDomainsBot which will share a link that directs the user to claim their free domain.

Users will be offered various pre-made domain names to choose from, which can then be attached to their Switcheo address, ETH address, or a range of other blockchain addresses.

Unstoppable Domains will submit the blockchain transaction to an Ethereum contract address and will notify participants (via Telegram) once the process is complete.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: