Mega Oasis will host its third NFT series featuring works from Rex492, an avant-garde artist and designer based in Berlin. The collection, referred to as Ilex, will feature NFTs comprising uniquely themed figures that integrate poles with the letter ‘-x’. This will be Rex492’s and the Ilex team’s first metaverse project.

The Ilex collection will contain two sets of NFTs. The first will have a total of 9,999 profile picture NFTs, of which the first 2,000 will mint on the Neo blockchain. The NFTs will also launch on other blockchain networks, and will have the capability to move across chains. In a conversation with Neo News Today, the Ilex team noted NFTs on each chain will have unique boosts to distribute rewards with each blockchain’s community.

Source: Ilex

Alongside the PFPs, the Ilex series will also mint 16 Genesis Collection NFTs. The owners of the Genesis NFTs will share the copyright with the Ilex team exclusively. The team intends to share IP rights with the Ilex NFT holders, and plans to share future cash flows from co-branding, exhibitions, and royalties that relate to the series.

In speaking with NNT, Ilex co-founder, Jaz0x, wished to share a message with the Neo community:

IlexNFT is a metaverse IP that I created with my partner. Our symbol is a pole, and we want to convey an idea that in every age, there are people trapped in the limitations and force majeure of the times. We happen to be experiencing a global pandemic. Many of us lose our freedom. Ilex will give a voice to freedom. In Ilex’s world, everyone has no feet but poles. They are confined from birth and no one knows how the metaverse develops and nurtures life until they learn to jump.

Source: Ilex

Ultimately, the Ilex project seeks to establish a digital catalog of fashion items, create real-world wearable items from some of those designs, and potentially integrate a DAO. They tentatively plan to launch the Ilex NFT series on Neo N3 in Q3 2022.

About Mega Oasis

Mega Oasis’s NFT marketplace aims to bring traditional artists into Neo’s NFT ecosystem. The first two campaigns on the platform were conducted in collaboration with Zhenchen Liu, which sold out all of the Meta Panacea NFTs.

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