Neo Global Development will host TOTHEMOON INC. on the second Neo Live session of 2021. The co-founders of TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE, Flight Engineer (Anthony Bogunovic) and Mission Specialist (Brandon Sousa), will join Neo Live to talk about their upcoming game that will launch on Neo N3. TOTHEMOON INC. will also reward 10 Neo Live participants with NFTs – five cryptonauts and five moon creatures. The AMA will take place on the official Neo Telegram channel and begins at 3:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021.

TOTHEMOON is a strategic community-building NFT game built on Neo N3 where collectors engage with the moon-themed metaverse. TOTHEMOON was first introduced to the Neo ecosystem during the Neo Frontier Launchpad event. The team received an Excellence award as one of the top projects and is the first project accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program.

Neo Live is an AMA-style community event on the official Neo Telegram channel. The event seeks to connect the Neo community with NGD core teams, ecosystem projects, the Neo developer community, and blockchain leaders to learn about the latest technological developments and industry insights.

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